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GoPro continually defines and masters the “activity image capture” category. Therefore, to mark the 2011 release of their new HD Hero2 camera system, GoPro distributed Hero2 camera kits to select pro and pro-am athletes around the globe as a means to collect the “sickest” user-generated sports-content available. The athletes enthusiastically delivered. The video above is a five-minute heart-pounding product vignette showcasing the chops of the Hero2 camera in its three kit editions: Outdoor, Motorsports and Surf.

We like the Hero2 effort (and its predecessor Hero efforts), because the content fires-up target viewer synapses in all the right ways; utilizing great people, interesting locations, broadcast-quality footage, kinetic editing and good music. As we all know by now, content consumption habits are (in no small way) changing with the global saturation of smaller connected devices. If you thought people did not read before, people are definitely reading less now (even if folks wanted to read, they can’t easily digest type on small screens). GoPro realizes this, which is why their video effort focuses on content that quickly conveys their brand’s character and the product benefits of the Hero 2. In fact, GoPro’s UGC efforts have been so well received, their television campaigns mirror the energy of the video above and deliver much of the same consumer generated goodness.

Similar to GoPro, your organization’s online content must be immediate. Video-based content is best positioned to accomplish this. At once, video content can be visually engaging, visceral and sharable. Also, when executed correctly, videos like the one showcased above can provide you with millions of quality impressions.

Since launching in late-October 2011, the GoPro HD Hero2 video has collected 9.4 million views – and 50 million minutes of brand & product engagement. For this, we consider GoPro to be the new leader in UGC campaigns. And we congratulate them!


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