About Us

Artifact Digital is a digital strategy and content-creation company which partners with clients to help them successfully navigate and leverage the ever-evolving digital landscape.  Digital branding is our passion.

Our company was founded by Charlotte-native Chris Jones, who has created innovative marketing and digital channel experiences for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups since the mid-1990s. The company was created out of a desire to assemble an agile, high-quality team of digital leaders and content creators that could deeply focus on a smaller portfolio of client brands.

As a team of technologists, digital anthropologists and avant-garde artists, we continually scan the horizon for signs of significant emerging technologies, audience trends and intersections between the two. With this knowledge, we provide digital marketing and brand counsel to clients – mapping and optimizing their company objectives to new strategies that make effective use of these emergent systems and trends. Then, as digital strategies emerge and converge, we create digital activations and rich content that builds excitement and contributes to a better overall digital ecosystem for your brand – one that enhances your customer experience and builds loyalty.

Artifact Digital partners with field-proven specialists and technicians who can build almost anything imaginable – ensuring success and a more favorable return on your investment.

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Quick Overview

Artifact Digital is a Digital Strategy and Brand Content company – sharing nearly two decades of experience creating innovative marketing and digital channel experiences for Fortune 500 clients in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York, San Francisco and London.