The current state of affairs in the digital marketing space is very exciting. As illustrated by the rise of the smart phone and connected devices, we are currently living through the shift from the Web 2.0 era to the post-PC era. The desktop, as we know it, is essentially dead. However, its DNA lives on in many other form factors.

More and more of the items that enter our markets each day are threaded with high levels of technology and connectivity. And much like the Industrial Revolution, we are seeing profound effects on our social, cultural and economic conditions as these new devices stake their claim. Now that your brand has witnessed the crest-and-crash of the first two big waves, Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, ask yourself, “What’s next?” In a post-PC world, that’s a daunting, but wonderful question.

This is exactly where Artifact Digital enters the conversation.

Steeped in experience, consumer technology research, cultural trends, forward thinking and editorial content production, we work with clients to refine and optimize digital strategies and platforms to make better use of new technologies – in essence, making digital ecosystems work harder to meet brand objectives.

Our service offering includes:

    • Brand Strategy and Planning – we provide strategic digital counsel as we partner with clients to research and develop tactical recommendations and digital roadmaps that define the next big events on their brand horizon
    • Creative Conceptualization – we provide creative leadership on product / marketing programs by developing smart digital campaigns which support brand objectives
    • Digital Asset Development and Management – tap into our developer toolbox for distinctive digital activations and tactics, implementing the great thinking that was captured above
    • Brand Content Development – editorial planning, design and execution of well-crafted still image and HD motion-based content that makes the most of your brand, fuels loyalty and differentiates you from your peers


Quick Overview

Artifact Digital is a Digital Strategy and Brand Content company – sharing nearly two decades of experience creating innovative marketing and digital channel experiences for Fortune 500 clients in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York, San Francisco and London.