Christian Dior’s Brilliant Branded Content Win

In 2012, Christian Dior produced one of the best viral videos of the year for its Fall Collection. Based on minutes of social brand engagement, if looped nonstop in a single-viewer setting, Secret Garden would rotate continuously for about 75 years.

Apple and the Smart Home

Apple and the Smart Home

Signs are now pointing to a new Apple Smart Home system which will be much more sophisticated than a highly-impressive interactive television. Grab a cup of coffee, then click here.

“The device we see crystalizing is a larger, commercial-grade residential device that will act as the hub for home information sharing, interaction and management…

Based on Wall Street’s demands/needs, this is a product line which could easily create a new $1 trillion line of business for Apple.”


Heineken’s Future Bottle Challenge

Heineken’s Limited Edition Design Challenge was our favorite crowdsourcing campaign of 2012. Allow us to walk you through the program.


M83 and the Rise of Cinematic (Fan) Content

While a general decline in television entertainment quality continues, fantastic new UGC-HD content is bubbling up online from independent artists and storytellers located around the globe. And these independent artists, armed with camera technology that is cinema house-worthy, are changing the world of entertainment. The band M83 fully grasps this, as they’ve witnessed how each of their songs supports a host of original and inspired content. They are a true-UGC success story.


Peter Weyland – Would Change the World

Make it easy for me to make the jump. Especially if we are jumping space.


Björk’s Biophilia… The Album Remastered

Björk has created the world’s best album application to-date. Come with me and I’ll explain.


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